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bobbiejcarter's Journal

bobbie jean carter
12 January
you can contact me on my msn bobbiejcarter@hotmail.com

Full name: Bobbie Jean Carter
Nicknames: BJ, Bobbie, JC (Jean Carter), Bee J, Beeg/Beej, Jean/Jeanie, B & Bubba
Date Of Birth: Jan. 12, 1982 in Westfield, New York, USA
Current Residence: Santa Ynez Valley, Los Angeles, California, USA (with some girlfriends). Recent reports says that I now live with Nick in Apollo Beach
Eye color: Hazel/Blue
Hair color: Dirty Blond, but dyes it lighter
School: Has finished High School and is now in acting school
Occupation: Model/Actreess. I worked with wardrobe, make-up and other things on Aaron Carter's USA tour. Beeing in a video of a German lad GIL DORON.
Actually i'm a sister of NICK CARTER from Backstreet Boys,AARON CARTER (the singer),ANGEL CARTER the singer aswell and the model LESLIE CARTER.we also have a half sister GINGER.

the boy who i still love

ps:i'm also looking for a boyfriend if any1 is interested let me know!

[This journal is part of a roleplaying game and is not the real BJ!and neither i don't know them or anything even if i wish i were]
ps:me&Nick get jealouse when Leslie was born :)

love Bobbie x x x x x